Crash on landing

First test flight. flew well in stabilised. flew well in position but it landed very quickly. front motors started again nearly immediatly after slowing down and tipped backwards. applied full ritch forward and disarm at the same time but couldnt save it and it flipped over. Any ideas. barometer looks crazy noisy but im not an expert at reading the log data. height is set to use GPS anyway not barometer.

For sure the barometer is very noisy, these tipe of sensor measure the air pressure on the sensor itself, so if it’s putted too near to the blades they will inject a very bad error in the measure.
Very often some kind of sponge are applied on the sensor itself as a filter, same principle of the sponge over a microphone, if well dimensioned (don’t put too many or too less sponge, something between 1 and 3 millimeters it depends) the noise will be reduced.
In theory, the barometer is used to estimate the vertical position when the drone is some meters above the ground, in first times is not used bu the autopilot due to the ground effect that increases the pressure on the sensor.

My bad, don’t have yet a response for the malfunctioning, but that’s a thing!