Correct wiring for a hexacopter with a Pixhawk 6C mini

I am wiring up my hexacopter and I have a Pixhawk 6c mini flight controller. Would appreciate a bit of guidance, as the manual seems to say contradictory things.

II am trying to decide where to plug my ESC signal wires into. On the basic concepts page it states the FMU output ports provide lower latency which suggests they should be preferred. However in the Pixhawk 6C wiring quickstart page, it says connect Motor Signal to the I/O PWM output ports.

Would it be better to connect them to the I/O or FMU PWM Output ports? Thx

If you are using v1.13 then the suggestion you read in the docs still applies.

However, if you’re on v1.14, you can just connect them to AUX/FMU for lower latency and then configure the outputs accordingly in the QGC actuator tab.

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