Wiring Lumenier 4 in 1 ESC with Pixhawk Mini

Hello all,

I’m having trouble wiring my Lumenier 4in ESC with my Holybro Pixhawk mini


Specifically, I don’t know how to wire the ESC to power the flight controller. I know that because it’s a 4 in 1 ESC, I shouldn’t need the power distribution board.

Do I wire the battery directly to the the ESC?

Where do I connect the VBATT, Ground, 1, 2, 3, 4, Current Sensor, Telemetry?

1 = motor output etc. I soldered servo plug on the the motor inputs to connect to the FC. I got premade servo plugs and cut them.
Since you are connecting the battery to the large terminals on the right should not have to connect this.
You can ignore the Current Sensor and Telemetry for now.
The motors connect the the terminals around the side. You may have to adjust these to get the motor the spin in the correct direction. Swapping any two wires will reverse the motor direction.

Thanks for the reply. Where do I wire VBATT and Ground from the ESC to the pixhawk mini flight controller? Does 1 (motor output) go to 3.3V on the Main out, 6.6V, or GND?

In my set up the FC is connected to the power board separately.
VBATT NEVER connects to the pixhawk you should have a power management board that will plug into power plug. on the back Do you have a power management board? If not you need one.

VBATT connects only to your power management board and the ESC on the right hand side.
I used these and cut off one end.

As I said solder servo plugs so that ‘1’ on the ESC goes to the signal pin of the servo plug and then plugs into the servo connector on the mini. Same for 2,3,4. On the first servo plug connect the ground to the Ground pin on the ESC, then you can just connect the signal wire on the reset of them.

Look these over and see if it makes sense.

Don´t forgett to set the correct values in BLHeli Suit for this ESC. You need to change a few things on the ESC. Set it to PWM or Dshot150. But there are a few more things you need to change. Use 48KHz PWM on the ESC for smoother motor controll. Set low power to off. On PX4 change the PWM values from 400Hz to 0 to enable DShot function.
Your PMU needs to sit before the main power leads comming in to the ESC, or you want be able to see any V/A or W values.

This is helpful, thank you.

Thanks so much for replying, this is helpful.