Correct configuration for sending mocap estimates through mocap_pose_estimate mavros plugin

I am trying to send mocap data to px4. I have set ATT_EXT_HDG_M to mocap position update. I am using lpe estimator.

My issue is I am not seeing any mavros/global_position/global or mavros/local_position/pose topic being published. So I am not able to switch to Position control/Takeoff mode. What am I missing?

This is what I have done till now:

  1. I am not sure to which topic I need to publish mocap data. So I send mocap data on topics - mavros/mocap/pose & mavros/mocap/tf, mocap/pose & mocap/tf, vision_position/pose.
  2. I do see msg saying FCU: [inav] Mocap data valid

So even after receiving mocap data why isnt fcu publishing global_position/global or any other data?