Hi everyone!

I’m confused about the difference between the two mavlink messages from the topic name. I have a vicon system connected to mavros via vicon_bridge and I have managed to send the VISION_POSE_ESTIMATE messages to my pixhawk by editing the px4_configs.yaml file in mavros.

I am unsure if I have done the right thing, since there is a mavlink message dedicated to mocap systems (ATT_POS_MOCAP). Should I be using the mocap plugin, or the vision_pose_estimate plugin?

Also, I haven’t figured out how to make mavros send the ATT_POS_MOCAP messages using the data published by vicon_bridge. I tried setting the mocap parameter use_tf to true, but it does not appear that there is data being published to mocap/tf.

I noticed that the vision_pose_estimate feature requires strings that specify the frame and child id of the tf frames, while there are no equivalent parameters for mocap feature of mavros. This is somewhat confusing! Please help!

in my opinion the mocap/vision thing is confusing.

Is there any info about what the flightcontroller is using after activation the feature? for example. is the FCU using the gyro when you send him roll, pitch yaw? is there a weighting between vision position and FCU with Flow?