Correct battery settings

What’s the correct full charge battery settings. Under power it maxes at 4.2 volts per cell but under parameters and battery it says a full battery is never 4.2 volts per cell. Which one is correct, the direction privided in the parameters is confusing.

Hi Justin,

what battery type are you using? A full charged NCR18650B cell is 4.2V unless you don’t overcharge it. I guess the autopilot uses this information to backup the battery juice left…

Try feeding it first with 4.2, then with 3.6 and observe the results accordingly :slight_smile:


Kaan, Full charged voltage is 4.2 right now I am using lipos but switching to lithium ion

The issue is that under the parameters in battery for fully charged it states the number should never say 4.2 volts per cell which contradicts the battery tab setting.

:heart_eyes: wow! I wasn’t aware of the Titan batteries. Do you confirm 254Wh/kg value? That’s pretty close to kokam NMC batteries!

Anyway, coming back to your problem, I’m not sure how the autopilot uses this parameter. The parameter won’t change the fact that your starting voltage is 4.2.

Does it accept 4.19V?

We sometimes overcharge the batteries to 4.4V. What shall we do then? :smiley:

It accepts 4.2 and I do not have issues but as per parameter message it never should be that. That is all I was trying to clarify. The Titan Batteries are a grade better than the 18650B batteries you were referring to.