Hello Guys,

Every time we build a new vehicle or calibrate the battery parameters this parameter catches my eye. I believe charged voltage per cell on Li-po batteries is 4.20 but the default of this parameter is 4.05.

Guess my question is:
Is there a specific reason for the default being 4.05V? Is it 4.05 with some other battery type in mind or to compensate for something else?

Sorry for the bother if this is a useless question but this gets me thinking everytime. Would appreciate if someone can clear this up.



That does sound wrong now that I think about it.

Do you want to change it here ( and open a pull request? That will either get it changed permanently, or prompt a better discussion.

Oh, Thank you for looking into this daniel, I read the discussion in the link and now have a better understanding.

It makes sense to me now, thanks again.