Controlling STORM32 BGC Gimbal Via only Mavlink

Hello I’m trying to get my STORM32 Gimbal to be controlled via mavlink commands. I have the following:

Expected Behavior

Control the gimbal via the mavlink console

Current Behavior

Able to get gimbal status and mavlink heartbeat from the STORM32 BGC but no control over it.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide an unambiguous set of steps to reproduce the current behavior

  1. Connected to pixhawk 6c via uart port on storm32 and telem2 port
  2. adjusted parameters for telem2 port including baud rate, mav_1_xxx, and mnt settings
  3. go to mavlink console in QGC, use gimbal status command, get a response, try gimbal test yaw 30, gimbal doesn’t move and no response from the console.

System Information

When posting bug reports, include the following information

  • Operating System: Windows 11
  • QGC Version: 4.4.0
  • QGC build: Stable
  • Flight Controller: Pixhawk6c
  • Autopilot (with version): Slight customized PX4->based on 1.14

Detailed Description

I’m confused as to why the mavlink connection isn’t sending commands. I’m unsure whether or not the STORM32 acts as the gimbal manager or whether px4 does. Either way I have tried setting both as the primary-control via mavlink command and it appears to not be operational. The objective is to control it with only mavlink and no RC which should be possible given the STORM32 documentation. I’m assuming this is a PX4 or Mavlink issue as the heartbeat is emitted by the Storm32