Connecting SimpleBGC controller to pixhawk 6c

i hope this is the right forum. I am trying to get my gimbal controller SimpleBGC32 ( with a pixhawk 6c, using QGroundControl as GUI to set the parameters. My goal is to establish a Mavlink connection between the SimpleBGC and the pixhawk using one of the Telem ports. I connected the two as described here: SimpleBGC Gimbal (aka AlexMos gimbal) — Copter documentation (2nd paragraph, so the Telem port to the RC_yaw and RC_roll connectors on the SimpleBGC). The pixhawk settings can be found here: Gimbal Configuration | PX4 Guide (main), using MNT_MODE_OUT=MAVLINK. However, in the Debug tab of the GUI of the SimpleBCG I dont see any incoming messages. What might I have done wrong? Or how can I debug the pixhawk Telem Port output?
Thanks for your help, I am struggling quite a bit!

Does the version of SimpleBCG that you’re using support the MAVLink gimbal v2 protocol?

Setting up Mavlink with Basecam is a bit weird, but it’s possible and works ok.

A thing one might miss when setting up serial communication is pull-up or down of the pins, if needed.
More points that might help:

  • Make sure you’re connected correctly (TX goes RX and vice versa, etc. as usual for UART connections)
  • Configure the gimbal controller to use the port correctly:
    – Baud rate
    – Swap UART2 and RC, if needed
  • Configure SimpleBGC to work with Mavlink via the correct port, as written in page 98 (section 19) of the manual:

In the GUI tab “External IMU” - “MavLink” you must choose which serial port to use for this interface

  • Also make sure you look at “Checking that everything works properly” on page 94, since you might need to edit the relative orientation between your Pixhawk and SimpleBGC.

  • You shouldn’t see messages in the debug tab unless the Mavlink channel’s debug option is enable (External IMU - MavLink Connections - Channel 1/2 - Debug.

  • I think MavLink 2 does work with SimpleBGC, let us know if it does (and try v1 if it’s not working).

For PX4 config, I didn’t use MNT_MODE_OUT due to my project needs, but basic communication should be set up with SER_TELx… and
MAV_x_ parameters.

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