Control Gimbal from QGC

Hi. I have recently bought an SIYI A8 mini gimbal camera. I am connecting it through the telem1 port. Now, is there any way to control the gimbal or take pictures using QGroundControl or RC Transmitter?

Well, the SIYI cameras can be controlled easily with their radios like the MK15 or MK30.
There is also a SIYI custom made version of QGC which has those control functions integrated.
I believe also Mission Planner has those functions build in.
See also:

Have a look at this:

That info might not work for that particular camera as it requires special type of control signal. Not the standard RC signal.

I can use the camera and control the gimbal through ardupilot. However, does anyone know if I can access the SD card of the camera while flying? I can obviously use an SD card reader to access it. However, it would be best if I could set a serial connection between the SIYI a8 mini camera and Rasberry Pi and access the SD card from there. TIA

To my knowledge you can’t access SD card whilst flying.
But you might find more info here: