Gimbal problem

Hi, I wanted to command my Gimbal (Mini 3D Gimbal) first with my RC and then through MAVlink with my phone. Into the SD card I created the folder etc with extras.txt

, config.txt

and the folder mixers with inside gimbal.aux.mix.

I connected servos to the AUX port for in this order :

AUX1 → Heading Control
AUX2 → Pitch Control
AUX3 → Mode Switch

Then I don’t know if I have to do something with my RC or QgroundControl.
This is the Diagram of the cables of the Gimbal.


  • You have to assign and setup channels in your Tx that will correspond to sliders/knobs and 3-position switch.
  • Then you need to be able to see those working in the Radio calibration page.

Further to that, you may not need your SD card script. Read this and hope it helps.

Good luck.