Connections to PixHawk4 + Power Management Board Connections for Rover

Hello All,

I’m working on connecting up my PixHawk4 and Power management board for a Rover application (the Aion Robotics R1 UGV configuration). I’m working on getting everything plugged in and ready to go but have a couple of questions about the hardware setup:

  1. Under the section for this configuration on the Airframe Reference page, the outputs are listed as MAIN0 and MAIN1. However, I’m wondering if this may be a typo, because according to this reference here, the only available outputs on the power management board are M1 through M8, which I’m assuming mean MAIN1 through MAIN8. So do they mean to say that this rover configuration is meant for MAIN1 and MAIN2 instead of MAIN0 and MAIN1?

  2. Since the the two outputs to control the motors are going through the MAIN outputs, my understanding is that these map to the I/O PWM pins, which are distributed as individual vias on the PM board that I would need to solder wires to in order to grab the signals. However, the FMU PWM-OUT pins map to the pin header, which I would prefer to use, since I can plug in a servo connector rather than solder to the board. Would it be ok to plug the I/O PWM output cable into the FMU PWM-IN connector on the PM board in this case so I can use the pin header?

Thank you,
Jason O

Hey Jason,

My team and I have encountered the same problem and were wondering if you figured it out. Thanks in advance!

I have the same problem, I have one motor connected to M1 and I can’t control its speed, Aion Robotics R1 uses MAIN0 which doesn’t exists in qgroundcontrol parameters (I want to control the PWM parameters ). If I tried different frames but the motor doesn’t response because all other frames doesn’t have MAIN0 and they all use MAIN1… Did you find a solution for this problem yet?