Connecting Hobbywing ESC's with two signal wires to Pixhawk 4

Hello. New member here. I am in the middle of wiring a custom Y-6 drone (3 CW and 3 CCW motors) and needed to settle on a flight controller. I like what I’ve read about the Pixhawk 4. I already have my 6 motors (Tarot 5008 340 Kv) and my ESC’s (Hobbywing 40A, 2-6S, no BEC). Besides the large black and red power wires,my ESC’s have signal wires made up of one white wire and one black wire with a small plug on the end. Will that signal wire setup connect to the power management module that comes with the Pixhawk 4? I was unsure based on what I read about hooking up the power management . Any recommendation would be appreciated.

I think I just answered my own question. Once I enlarged the picture I saw the connecting pins on the side of the power management module of the Pixhawk 4 where the ESC signal plugs connect. If I am still wrong on this,please let me know.

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