How to connect ESC correctly

Using Pixhawk 4 and the Power management board that came in the package. F450 frame. Which connection should I follow?

  1. The thick Red and Black wires from ESC to the Power board that came with the 450 frame. The thin red and black wires to the PM board that came with Pixhawk and the white signal wire to the M port of that same board. Both the power boards will be parallely powered by a 3s lipo battery. Ref. Picture 1

  2. The thick Red and Black wire to the Pixhawk PM board. The thin black wire to the same board and same Gnd port where the thick Black wire is attached. The thin white signal wire to the M port. In this case only Pixhawk PM board is powered only with the same 3s LIPO. Ref. Picture 2.

Please help me, which connection should I do?

Good day, you can solder GND and VCC cable of the escs directly on the pads of the px4 pdb

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Thank you for your response. Yes Sir, I can do those soldering. The thick Red and Black to the PM board. The thin White wires to the M1, M2 … M4 etc. Now, what do I do with those thin red and black wires?

what kind of esc are you using?