4in1 ESC to pixhawk mini clarification

Hello All,

This topic has been discussed on the forum but no wiring pics or pin details were ever uploaded to explain how to connect a 4in1 ESC to a pixhawk 4 mini. I know how to connect the motor pins but my question is which power pins do I connect if I don’t care about measuring current or voltage?

From what I can tell, all that I have to connect is between the 4 in1 ESC and pixhawk on the power connector, is pins 1 (+5V) and pin 6 (GND). Is this correct?

Thanks in advance, any advise is appreciated.

Can you share a picture of your 4in1 ESC? I’m not quite clear what your question is.

Hi Julian,

So I would like to use the DALRC ESC attached below to power my pixhawk 4 mini (Pinout for power port attached below that). I understand where Current, GND and Motors 1 - 4 need to be connected but I am not sure about the 5V from the ESC, must this be connected to pins 1 and 2 on the pixhawk or only pin 1? And the VCC pin I think should go to pixhawk power pin 4 but would like confirmation if possible.


Sorry for the late response. I assume you have it figured out by now.

Hello Julian,

Thanks for the follow up, I actually ended up moving over to a Holybro kakute F7 with 4in1 ESC stack which solved this problem for me. This drone doesn’t need to be super duper fancy so the Kakute while limited has enough capability for me at a much lower weight than the pixhawk 4 mini. Thanks again!

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