QGroundControl not Recognizing Telemetry?

Hi all,

I am taking over the setup of an Applied Aeronautics Albatross UAV. I have two RFD 900x modems, one that I connected to a laptop running QGroundControl, the other connected to a Pixhawk 4 (Telemetry 1 port). Both modems have the same firmware and give a solid green light when powered up, indicating that they have a stable connection. However, QGC still just says “waiting for vehicle connection”. I can connect my Windows 10 laptop to the drone via USB and get a connection that way, yet when I disconnect the USB, it won’t default to the modems.

Has anyone had something similar happen? Is there any way to confirm I can send commands via the modems in QGC?

Forgive me if this is in the wrong category – I have no idea if this is a QGroundControl, Pixhawk, or SiK radio issue.


I found the solution.

Connections to the TX and RX pins of the RFD 900x modem on the drone were backwards. No indication was given that my original configuration was wrong other than the fact that it wouldn’t connect.

I have had the same problem for a while now. I have a connection when using Mission Planner but not Qgroundcontrol. rfd900+