Configuring ExpressLRS RC receiver on Pix32

We are trying to connect RC receiver to a Pix32 v6. This receiver outputs UART. Only obvious connections on are DSM and RC-IN, which are

I belive that you can connect it in Ardupilot to one of the TELEM ports on a base board.

To allow CRSF and embedded telemetry available in Fport, CRSF, and SRXL2 receivers, a full UART, such as SERIAL6 (UART3) would need to be used for receiver connections. Below are setups using Serial6.
Pix32v6 Flight Controller — Plane documentation

I was unable to find anything in the documentation on the PX4 side. Though there is mention of crossfire devices as tested.

Long range ~900MHz, low latency: “Team Black Sheep Crossfire” or “Crossfire Micro” set with a compatible remote (e.g. Taranis)
Radio Control Systems | PX4 User Guide

It seems that another user was able to enable CRFS support by compiling it.

This is my receiver pinout

And this is connections on the Pix32 side.

Only guide for wiring Pix32 v5, using older board. Only points out to PPM, DSM and SBUS receiver.

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