[Compass Calibration] Error: Out of memory


first of all I was redirected here from Github
(I need to have a flight log), but this happen in the calibration stage.

So, when I try to calibrate the compass, using QGroundControl, it errors with:

Start the individual calibration steps by clicking one of the buttons to the left.
[cal] calibration started: 2 mag
ERROR: out of memory
[cal] calibration failed: mag

I found a similar issue on github (Out of Memory Error While Compass Calibration - Here2 CANBus · Issue #12536 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub), but it dates back to 2019, and I did not manage to understand how to circumvent RAM issues. I always get something like 95%,97% CPU load even if I’m only using GPS (telemetry and RC unplugged from FMU).

HW (NXP HoverGames Kit) (KIT-HGDRONEK66: NXP drone kit | NXP Semiconductors):


  • QGroundControl (latest stable release 4.2.9)
  • PX4 autopilot (latest stable release 1.14.0) uploaded via QGroundControl

Other things I tried:

  • Calibrating from Windows version of QGC
  • Unplugging all cables except GPS/Compass
  • Restoring QGC and firmware options to default

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.