COM_LOW_BAT_ACT & battery management

Hi there,
I’m running drone simulations in Gazebo (Garden) and I’ve got pb with batteries, quite rapidly they are empty, I’ve got warning message
“[tone_alarm] notify negative
[tone_alarm] battery warning (fast)”
and they land before going up again.
I read that COM_LOW_BAT_ACT can manage that by still sending the warning message but prevent the drones from landing automatically. I set it to 0 in file “${PX4_PATH}”/build/px4_sitl_default/etc/init.d-posix/px4-rc.params
It works or at least looks like working with 3 drones, but when I use 5 drones, after a few seconds, warnings appear, with some error messages
ERROR [health_and_arming_checks] Preflight Fail: low battery
ERROR [flight_mode_manager] Matching flight task was not able to run, Nav state: 2, Task: 1

Drones land, goes up and stay calm for many minutes and battery warnings appear again, drones land and goes up again.

I checked that param has really been changed with QGroundControl.
Can anyone tell me if this is the right way PX4 handles this “warning only” param value ?

I’m using Gazebo garden, ROS2 humble, PX4 release/1.14 branch.

I still have the problem, but I found a way to reduce its annoyance.
If I pause and restart (“un-pause”, not restart from the begining) the simulation, drones goes up again, at least for a moment.