Premature LOW battery alarm

Hi all:

Re: Hexacopter drone

I am getting premature indications that the battery is low, when it’s only half drained. For example, when QGC reports that there is only 20% battery capacity remaining and I recharge the battery, it is only 40-50% discharged. I tried adjusting certain battery parameters but have not solved the issue yet.

One thing I noticed is that the real time value of battery voltage seen on the QGC flight log shows that it often drops below the 3.5 volt per cell. This in turn triggers the low voltage alarm. For a 4S battery, the cutoff is 14 volts (3.5 x 4), but when power is removed this jumps up to about 15 volts.

So to summarize: the drone will go into failsafe mode when it sees the battery voltage drop below 3.5 volts per cell, yet when I recharge, the battery is only half drained.

What is the best approach to resolving this?


Hi Joseph, have you already had a read through this?