Enabling INAV with latest firmware

Hi, I have a question regarding INAV.

I have been trying to enable INAV as my estimator using the latest firmware version.

  1. I created a nuttx_px4fmu-v2_inav.cmake file in Firmware/cmake/configs with:
  • list( REMOVE_ITEM config_module_list modules/ekf2 modules/local_position_estimator )
  • list( APPEND config_module_list modules/attitude_estimator_q modules/position_estimator_inav )
  1. I changed the meta-data for the SYC_MC_EST_GROUP parameter to add the 0=inav option
  2. I flashed the firmware from QGC and I am able to select the inav option in QGC
  3. I reboot the FCU but the value for SYC_MC_EST_GROUP always goes back to 2=ekf2

What is preventing me from running INAV as my estimator?

Kind regards,

I looked at the rc.mc_apps file, and could see that INAV is deprecated and switches back to ekf2 as I was seeing. I modified the file to allow running INAV, but I still can’t see the INAV settings in QGC and I am now getting a bunch of preflights fails…

I guess my question is – is it possible to run INAV with the latest px4 versions, and if not, why?

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INAV got deprecated quite some time ago, simply because ekf2 is much better.
So it’s likely that you will encounter problems when you want to still use it.
To answer your question: yes you can still use it but you have to fix all problems that you encounter. I highly suggest you switch to ekf2 instead.

Hope that helps