Cannot find local position estimator parameters

I installed px4 firmware on my pixhawk using qgroundcontrol. I want to connect an optical flow kit to the Iris+ uav. As per the documentation I need to change local position estimator parameters like - LPE_GPS_ON. However I do not have any lpe parameters on my pixhawk. Why?

Is my px4 firmware not the latest?

Use the current stable version of QGC to install the stable version of the PX4 firmware. Make sure you choose LPE using the system parameter SYS_MC_EST_GROUP. If you still don’t see LPE parameters after a reboot, try flashing the master version of the firmware instead.

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Thanks @Mark_Whitehorn. I dint know about SYS_MC_EST_GROUP. Setting that parameter did the work for me. Now I can see all the lpe parameters. Thank you