Stablized mode switch no longer working in Multi Channel Mode selection

On updating to v1.7.2 stable from v1.0.1, for fixed wing, the radio switch I assigned to enter stabilized mode no longer works. Previously, I used a 3 position switch (ch6) to switch between manual, altitude and mission modes. I had an additional 2 position switch to switch to stabilized mode.

Now the only way I can get stabilized mode to work is to use the Single Channel Mode selection and set the 3 position switch to e.g. manual, stabilized and altitude.

Also, for some reason using multi channel mode to set the stabilize switch to ch8 sets the RC_MAP_ACRO_SW param to ch8.
Manually setting the RC_MAP_STAB_SW param to ch8 does not fix the problem.

Also when I try to configure the flight modes via the Multi Channel Mode selection, the trim on (at least) my flap channel (ch5) is way out compared to when I use the Single Channel Mode selection.

Any clues as to what is going on would be greatly appreciated.


Lots of changes since v1.0.1. You’ll need to go through a complete calibration and setup. You may find yourself having to adjust the weights of your switches to match correctly. Check out the latest User Guide.

Good luck.

Yes thanks for the info.
I have re-setup and recalibrated everything multiple times. E.g. my air-frame had been based on the SkyWalker which has been removed so I switched to Standard Plane with a custom mix file on the card, which works ok.

I am wondering if the multi-channel mode flight mode configuration works for anyone in v1.7.2 stable?

I spent a day trying to diagnose what was wrong, including sprinkling debug statements through
set_main_state_rc() in commander.cpp. It seems that whatever (spare) channels I choose for the mode switch and other switches such as stab or acro, set_main_state_rc() only gets called if the mode switch changes and never gets called when a subsidiary channel changes.

I guess I could continue digging deeper and diagnose rc_update.cpp, but it is summer here and I would rather be flying than debugging,
Therefore I gave up, and just switched to single channel flight mode and used my transmitter to mix a 3 position switch with a 2 position switch to get 6 positions on a single channel.