Changing Flight Mode

Getting this error after changing the flight mode to “Position” from the drop down menu in QGC
Failsafe enabled: No manual control stick input

Is there any command which can change the Flight Mode ?
Is there any other method to change flight mode ?

did you set the channel in Qgroundcontrol and also the switch channel in your rc?

I have the options like this:
Mode channel: Channel 5
For Flight Mode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; I selected randomly, with Position at Flight Mode 4

I didn’t set the switch channel
By rc you mean radio setting in the QGC?
At the moment i’m just using SITL

Today few options in the QGC are bit different. Don’t know why

There used to be “unassigned” in the drop donw menu

Parameters were also different in this

Options are Blank in some failsafes

Also, QGC now shows a popup “No GPS Lock for Vehicle”. Earlier it was not showing but now it does.

Still using SITL?
Try lunch again qgroundcontrol

Yeah, using SITL
I also tried relaunching but no luck

Personally im not using SITL for do main settings, i prefer the standard way