Cannot connect pixhawk via usb

I connect pixhawk via usb:

Yet it doesn’t connect to my computer, there is no serial port when i check device manager.
Is it normal?

ok, i know why.
the usb port did not work.

@marcel_qzq: Does your USB really not work? Or does it only work in the bootloader to upload firmware?

The default firmware for the Pixhawk does not configure the USB to be the console port, so when you plug it into your PC using the USB cable, it might not show up.

@ksschwabe:I m sure my usb port did not work, cause when i plug a usb disk in, my computer can not read the disk.
Used another usb port then it connected.

Ah, right! :smile: I thought you meant the USB port on the Pixhawk didn’t work.