Unable to connect pixhawk to pc using usb

Hey , I am facing problem while connecting pixhawk 2.4.8 with my pc as it does not recognize and assign the com port to pixhawk( there is nothing in ports section of device manager of windows After connecting pixhawk to pc) . Pixhawk boot easily and beep after boot but my pc does not recognize it. I have already installed usb drivers available on ardupilot website and also installed sis lab uart drivers but nothing works , Kindly help me out.

Have you tried a different USB port and a different cable? Does it work on another computer?

And by the way, if you’re using MissionPlanner and ArduPilot you might want to ask over in their forums: discuss.ardupilot.org.

I have tried with different pc and also with another usb cable but nothing seems to work.

also the link you mentioned above is not available.

Try with a different Pixhawk? Maybe it’s a hardware fault?

Works for me.