Do not use a switch mode of flying wing airspeed meter

I made a VTOL flying wing, now hovering success, but on the ground switch test when converted to wing mode throttle, ailerons, lifting doesn’t work, ask what is the reason? Yes, I didn’t use my airspeed sensor, according to the set this up, if there is no effect, please help, thank you

Did you set the correct channel for your switch?
did you use AUX1 or the new transition switch param?

Thank you for your reply, I set the RC - MAP - 7 channel AUX is not set, here also set it? It’s as if the AUX1 is set to switch after it does not work.

Added, I do not have to set the AUX1 need to set the AUX1 to other channels? Currently I only set the RC_MAP_SW switch for the 7 channel, need to AUX1 is also set in the 7 channel or other channels?