Camera feedback wiring and setting


I can not find any document for wiring camera hotshoe to pixhawk pins . how can i set feedback pin in pixhawk ? does it need any special circuit or not ?

To my knowledge their not much documentations.
However, I have manage to make it work with the Seagull Sync device.
Technically you just need to set the CAM_CAP_FBACK parameter to 1 and connect the feedback input to pin 6 on the FMU PWM OUTPUT

One thing to keep in mind is that the FMU will be set in 4 PWM 2 CAP mode which means that channel 5 & 6 are in capture mode.

Thanks alexandre
Have you done this and it works?

I’m using the Seagull REC to trigger the camera and the Seagull Sync for the capture feedback.
I’ve tried this setup in HITL where I had to make a small modification to make it work. I’m still waiting to test in flight

Hi Alexandre

Do you tested in flight ? does camera indicator works in qgc when feeback enabled ?

FYI master docs just got updated. Camera capture is PWM pin 6 on Pixhawk:

Hi Mohammad,

Yes it worked fine. I’m not sure if things changes since then so refer to the latest documentation.


@AlexandreBorowczyk did you use the CAM_CAP_FBACK=1 parameter in combination with TRIG_INTERFACE=1 (=> GPIO)?

As far as I understand TRIG_INTERFACE=1 will send trigger signals on pin 5 and 6 (by default), which seems conflicting with CAM_CAP_FBACK=1 (capture hardcoded on pin 6).

I’d be very grateful if you can clarify this for me.

Hi Alexandre
I’m trying to trigger the camera with seagull #REC. How did you do it?