Camera Interfacing & Triggering

@Justin_Cooper This topic is best suited for a longer discussion on triggering, which is super interesting but unrelated to the release discussion.

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Pix4d had a mapping ground station app for DJI and they do not recommend shooting in manual mode when mapping.

As I said, I have never done mapping so I can’t speak for that. In what I do, it’s always manual as I don’t want the variations introduced by the camera. With that said, assuming we nail down the triggering system, what you now want is something new. A feedback system. Let me talk to @LorenzMeier and see how that could be integrated (both hardware and software).

Sounds good. Thank you.

FYI hardware wise @bchristal makes the feedback cables.


I thought I would post this here since its camera related but is a 1.3 issue. We need a simple button in the camera tab to hit to test the camera is triggering otherwise we do not know if we have it setup correct until we throw it in the air.

That’s in my todo list :slight_smile:

Is anything new on this topic? I have a uEye UI-3241LE camera. I found how I could connect wires, but Pixracer is apparently lacking AUX output. Would mapping somehow solve this? Or could I attach some other chip which could work as AUX output?

I think Piercer’s 6 main output can be config to 4 wpm + 2 trigger? can that work for you?

Yeas, how I can implement this?

I think that is straight forward using QGC.
Connect pixracer to QGC and there is a ‘camera trigger’ tab, click on it, and select enable it on the right side of the screen.

Then it will show the output pin config map which you can set.

Something like this procedure.

@Orico4 thanks for the help. I managed to make it work, but now I have different problem.

Setting up pins on Pixracer is not working correctly. Camera is triggered all the time, regardless what are the settings at QGC. Frequency of data is changing by it self, enabling and disabling GPIO pins also does not have any meaning.

Here is also a video when I tried to modify parameters:

Any idea what I could do differently?

@andrejpan, could you please share how you got the Pixracer to trigger the camera at all? I have got a Pixfalcon, which has 8 main outputs and no Aux. The pin-options mentioned by Orico4 above all refers to “Aux”. From this discussion - Camera trigger using Pixfalcon - I was under the impression that triggering a camera without aux-ports wasn´t possible.

As to my knowledge Pixfalcon can not do this like pixracer, as they using different FMU architecture. The way i mentioned currently only works for pixracer or other FMU v4 FC.

@andrejpan Sry but seems i can not help much on this right now, as i did not test this feature myself.
i am not sure if it can work as expected, thought should work.

We are working on a better solution to this but will need some time.

Sorry to taking this up again.

Is there a possibility to manually trigger the Camera Shutter via QGC?
If not I’d like to raise a festure Request for this. I’m actually not aware if the Firmware would allow this and/or Mavlink/QGC can handle this?!

Anybody sone Info on this?


I have a pixhawk 4 holybro and I set it up with firmware that I downloaded from qgroundcontrol but with missionplanner.

  1. I set it up with mission planner as i coudn’t set up the bheli_s escs with the qgroundcontrol .

  2. I have a problem set up the shutter in mission planner for a mapir camera survey2.

Could you please help me as to how I can set up the camera fucntion

Thank you very much! will be a better place to seek help for Missionplanner