Camera Capture disables throttle

I’m trying to use the camera capture feature that’s currently on master (build is px4_fmu-v4_default on a pixracer). I’ve built the latest master branch and capturing the trigger itself works fine. When I went to fly it though, the vehicle would arm, but the motors wouldn’t spin. Back in the lab, in QGroundControl, I looked at the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW for servos 1-4 and they appeared to contain values that made sense and should cause the motors to spin. Hooking an oscilloscope to the actual servo outputs though the pwm was fixed at approx 900 us and didn’t change when the throttle was moved.

I noticed in camera_capture.cpp that only FMU channel 6 was being configured as a capture pin. I know that for camera triggering to work on the pixracer that both outputs 5 and 6 have to be selected, so as an initial guess, I modified camera_capture.cpp to configure both outputs, but no change.

So on the same build (with or without my change), if I disable capture feedback (CAM_CAP_FBACK=0), vehicle arms, motors spin, no problem, but if I enable capture feedback (CAM_CAP_FBACK=1), the vehicle will still arm, but motors don’t spin.
Any ideas?

Hey @jasonbeach

did you find any lead to the problem you where having? Did you get the camera capture to work?
I’ve tried setting up the camera trigger on pin 3 & 4 then use the hotshoe on pin 6 on a HITL setup with no luck. Camera trigger as it should but the camera capture does work. I’m getting the following message in the logs: ‘[camera_capture] open fail’

Found my issue:
fmu was not running

everthing is fixed once I start the fmu in pwm4cap2 mode

Sorry, no I still don’t know what the issue is. Glad you got yours working though.