PixRacer New Build Compatibility Questions


I have experienced putting together one APM drone. I am trying to prototype a drone now for some people. I am reading the users guide but could use some help determining compatibility and where I need to buy more parts. Thanks for patience with beginner questions - and any references to ways to answer my own questions.

There are a few parts for which the plug does not match and i wonder if i need to get a tool to remake plugs - or if I can order a new set of wires?

Ill go through my parts list and add my concerns and anyone that has time to help - very much appreciated!

Flight Controller: Pixracer - comparing to the manual the plug for the wifi section is missing, and I need to add the L shaped bracket for the ESC wires

Power Module: HolyBro PM05_V1.0 the plug shape does not match the pixracer plug. Is it sufficient? Is the ACS P4 power module in the manual better to use? Whats the recommended way to split off power for the FPV camera and transmitter?

GPS - APM GPS 2c30014 - made for ardupilot, the plug shape does not match. it is compatible? Is the TAOGLAS CGGP.35 in the manual better to use?

ESCs - it is some 4 in 1 board i am trying to determine a make/model for.

Receiver: Spektrum TS610X 3.3v Autobind. The plug shape does not match the board. Do I need a PPM encoder? Is the Groupner GP-16 in the manual a receiver and a PPM encoder? Should i just get some other receiver? I have a spektrum Tx. Do I need some kind of jumper or something to tell the pixracer it is in PPM mode?

Motors: ZMX Fusion X25 2206-2300 KV - how do i determine from the motors and/or ESCs what gauge wire I should be using for the power?