How to understand the architecture of the code?

Hi,I am new in this open source project.
I’m wandering how to make myself clear about the whole code, do you have any instruction book for developers?
I have read the the Dev Guide but it seems not enough for me. For example, I want to know how the control topic transmit from rc-input to actuators? I have to find answer from the code myself right?


I am digging around the source code as well, I wrote some blogs and hope it will be helpful. It is very rough at the moment, I will polish it and update it with new contents after I finish with my current px4 application.


many thanks! I will follow your blog!

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I will try to update it as frequent as possible, the next blog will feature how to add a new flight mode.

Hello, a bit late but if your still looking, PX4 has a dev guide;

The particular topic you’re looking for is called UORBs, which is the messenger service between different “application/daemon” running on the PX4 unit.


I am much more familiar with the code now
But there are still some questions and I will make it

Hello Maoquan232!
Tell me please did you find any sites describing architecture of autopilot except blog pointed earlier or you was just watching source code?
Especially i am interested in mathematical model of copter used in PX4 autopilot and control algorithms realized in it.

No I havent find anything expect the DEV GUIDE and the blog
If I find something useful I will tell you here

Hello, have you updated your blog?