Baud rate of Pixhawk Mini

Hi all.

Can anyone tell me how I can boost the baud rate of TELEM1 port of Pixhawk Mini?

Unlike previous model which has TELEM2 port, Pixhawk Mini has only one TELEM port and its baud rate is set to 57600.

To set better environment with an onboard computer to use ROS, I need fast communication.

  1. How can I change the baud rate of TELEM1? Someone said I can do it in, but I cannot figure out the code, for it is not written with C.

  2. Any idea without using the TELEM1 port? Actually, I want to use the port for Wifi module to communicate with QGC. If the port which we use when bootloading can change its baud rate, it would be the best.

Thank you all.