Battery voltage indicator

Hi everyone,

I need a little help when it comes to battery indication in QGC with Pixhawk 4 and Px4.

The problem is that I am using 14S battery at 58.8V and 60Ah. The voltage is too big for the Pixhawk 4 power management board so it is not routed through it. Instead ESC are connected directly to the batteries.

How can I provide battery voltage indication to QGC with such configuration?

Thank you a lot!


Mauch has great solutions which are working up to 14s battery. You might have a look !

Hi, thanks for the reply!

I think they offer only for Pixhawk 1 and 2.1

My hardware is Pixhawk 4.

Yes but you can request another cable

Iā€™m using it with a Pixhawk 4 as well

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Thanks a lot, your help is much appreciated.