Second battery monitoring


Hi guys,
For VTOLs like quadplanes, sometimes it is beneficial to have 2 types of batteries:

  • Li-Po for hovering because of high discharge current
  • Li-Ion for cruising because of high power density

To my best knowledge, PX4 currently only monitors voltage of 1 battery and QGC also only shows 1 voltage reading. Most of the time, we monitor the cruising battery and guess the voltage of hovering battery.
I think it is beneficial to monitor both batteries as industrial VTOLs are likely to need both.

I know it can be done because APM and MissionPlanner have already successfully implemented this feature. I have tried on Pixhawk2.1 Combo board, which has 2 power ports, the usage is very intuitive.

If someone is already working on this, could you please give some comments?
Otherwise, if there is really nobody working on this, I would like to give it a try. So if you have some idea on which part of the code is relevant to implement this feature, please comment?

Have a nice day, guys!