Can PM07 handle enough Amps? Help

Hello!Each motor can draw upto 57A, and I am using a 4in1 60A ESC (60A x 4).

The issue is that Im unsure if the PM07 is rated for those Amperes…Here are the specs of the PM07. I can see specs like:

  • PCB Cont. Current Rating: 90A PCB

  • Burst Current Rating: 140A (<60 Sec)

  • Max Current Sensing: 120A

  • 5V Output current :3A

  • Input Battery : 2~12S

But are not sure if that is for the ESC or other thigns.It also says that the XT60 cable is only rated for about 30A? Do I then have to change all the wires to the esc to withstand 240A? like AS300?I want it to be connected like the following image:

What I’ve actually done for a similar setup is removed the sensor resistor on the PM07 and replaced it with a piece of copper wire. Measuring the resistance of the wire is a little complex, one way os to run it in a kighter load and measure the current with a ammeter, then make adjustments. You have to change the conversion factor in the autopilot to correspond to the new value. I haven’t found a problem with the cables of the PM07.

Simply put: Don’t.
The PM07 will be overloaded and the basic shunt design has a number of drawbacks.
(Google it if you want and see the various issues)
When dealing with current that high you are much better off using a Hall sensor which doesn’t rely on a low resistance & high power resistor.
Those Hall sensor types can be purchased from a well known company: