Connecting a 12S 100A brushless motor to CUAV V5+

Does anyone how to connect a 12S 100A brushless motor to CUAV V5+? The CUAV V5+ kit comes with the HV_PM module. But per CUAV V5+ Wiring Quick Start, the power module only supports 2~10S LiPo batteries. The motor needs a 12S battery. Normal current is about 100A. Max current is 120A. How do I connect a 12S LiPo to CUAV V5+?

In addition, I need to connect some servos to CUAV V5+. The document says if connecting servos, I will need to separately power them using a BEC. How to do that?

see link below

agriculture drone sprayer application ?

Hi Anuchit_P, thanks for the response. AttoPilot Voltage and Current Sense Breakout - 180A has been retired and is no longer for sale. Do you know if any other product can do the same? I am installing a 12S 100A bushless motor on a helicopter I built.

Per CUAV web page (, the HV PM power module, which comes with CUAV V5+, can connect to 3s~14s battery. Don’t know why says it only supports 2~10S batteries. Following is copied from CUAV web page.

The CUAV HV_PM module is a new high voltage voltage power module independently developed by CUAV with the following features:

  • Higher voltage input: 10v-60v (3s~14s battery)
  • More accurate battery monitor: voltage detection accuracy: ±0.1v; current detection accuracy: ±0.2A
  • Bec (5v) max current: 5A
  • Max (detection) current: 60A
  • Maximum output current(ESC/MOTOR PORT): 60A

It seems to me, I can connect to 12S batteries. But it still can’t support 100A current. Right?

Mauch sensors have treated me well:

He has several options, at least one of them will likely fit your use case. They don’t include a BEC, and are ratiometric, so you need to provide a stable 5V source to them.

Just for your application.
Max input voltage: 42V
Max current sensing: 120A

Thanks auturgy and Anuchit_P. It seems Mauch sensors are what I need. I’d like to use Holybro APM PM since it is cheaper. But it supports max 10S battery only and doesn’t power servos.