Bad AHRS in Pixhawk Cube 2

Hello everyone,

I have a standard VTOL and I’m using Pixhawk Cube2 with Qground control (latest stable release). I have done all calibrations and everthing seems working fine. When i connect the a/c to ground station, it founds 14 GPS but i didnt have a GPS lock so I could not arm the vehicle. I also tried mission planner and it gave a Bad AHRS warning. I could not figure out what the problem is?

Can someone help understand why this is not working? Thank you!

I saw another post that the problem is exactly same so I set the param SDLOG_MODE to 1 to get a log. Here is my log file:

The log is helpful. Have a look at the bottom where it says “Logged Messages”.

There are warnings about inconsistent sensors. It seems like something wrong with the calibrations or the different mags of the system.