FAILSAFE enabled: no global position

we are having a problem with our multicoper

it is a Tarrot 650 ironman, with 17" props and a Pixhawk 1 with px4 software.

most of the time it is flying just fine. But then all of a sudden, it it will go completely crazy and freak out. as you can see in the logs provided at 1:38, it drops about 10m meters out of the air. and then recovers.

it gave a no global position error and [lib__ecl] EKF GPS fusion timeout - reset to GPS, and started beeping, so we think there may be a problem with the GPS

hope someone can help.

here is the log:
and here is another one where it gives the same error:

On first pass what’s quite obvious is that you have non-typical very high vibrations across a wide frequency spectrum:

The log also shows estimator failsafe flags. Its likely that this very high vibration level is involved in that. You would need to fix your system mechanically to resolve this.

thank you very much, we will try some different mounting pads :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar issue here, but only started presenting itself after enabling EKF2_ARSP_THR to 8.0 Here is my log, can I get wind without getting the failsafes and timeouts?

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