How to move an entire mission to another location?

First let me say that I am not using my drones for photography. My job is to position a drone at specific points in the sky to test some electronic equipment. As a result, I create a lot of complex missions, some with more than a dozen closely spaced waypoints. For example, I just programmed a vertical circle of 15 meters radius with 13 waypoints using QGC on a laptop. It is a labor intensive process, because I have to first calculate the positions of 12 points on a circle, then translate these into waypoints of specific x and z dimensions. Its very tough to do using the mouse. When I’m thru, this mission will only run at one place, ie, where I created the GPS coordinates. Let’s say that I want to run the same mission at another location. How do I translate this mission? From what I gather, I would have to either 1) reprogram that mission from scratch at the new location all over again, or 2) edit the GPS coordinated in the .plan file.

Neither of these alternatives is a pleasant process, so I’m asking if anyone knows of a way to move these missions easily?


No support in QGC to do this.

Your best bet is probably writing a script that modifies the .plan file.

Or you could look into generating the missions and uploading them programmatically, e.g. through MAVROS or DroneCore.