I have a problem with fixed wing autotune

I want to autotune a fixed wing airplane
However, there is a problem like the picture below, and the auto-tune button is not activated.
What should I do?

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@jypbeck89 Which version of PX4 are you running? It appears that your PX4 version is too old for running autotuning

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The QGC program uses the daily version, and the firmware version 1.13.2 is used.
Still getting the same error.
The aircraft frames I chose are Plane V-Tail and X-UAV Mini Talon.

@jypbeck89 You need a newer version, which you can’t install directly from QGC. You need to build it

What is the latest version that I can’t install directly?
Does that mean I have to program and use it myself?
Can you tell me what to do?

@jypbeck89 You can follow the instructions to build the firmware yourself: Building PX4 Software | PX4 User Guide

Otherwise you need to wait until the next release

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