Auto takeoff, gas engine

Hello, i have fixed wing with 3m wingspan, pixhawk 2.4.8(radiolink), da100 cc engine, when i start engine, qgc, don’t can start mission, only -continue, without takeoff, in settings rwto=1, it seems to me that after the engine starts, he thinks he has already taken off, (i have gps reciever and about 12 sats), how can i use auto take-off in this case, thank you for all answers!


  1. Have you set FW_THR_IDLE match your engine RPM?
  2. Have you set takeoff waypoint correctly?, Please try to move takeoff point further ahead current position.
  3. If 1 and 2 are still not enough to make your aircraft to takeoff, try to push it quicky in takeoff direction after AUTO mode enable.

Thank you! I check and try that tomorow

I tried what you advised, the mode turned on from the transmitter(i didnt have runway yesturday and testing that wihout realy takeoff), but do you know if you can turn it on using qground control, just as if you have the ability to tell the algorithm for starting a plane with a gasoline engine with pixhawk, maybe I make a mistake somewhere? now it looks like this:
1-enabling pixhawk (manual mode is set by default)
2-loading the flight task via qgc
3-enabling safety switch
5-enabling kill switch
6-starting the engine manually

Thank you!

Hi, What is PX4 Firmware version and Qgroundcontrol version? Is it stable release? I have never experienced problem as you mentioned before. Please check the compatibility between Firmware and Qgroundcontrol.

Hello i am using 1.5.5 firmware (because its last firmware who can simulating via xplane), and qgroundcontrol v3.2.7

Hi, I’m using Firmware 1.10.2, QGC 3.5.6 + X-Plane 10. Yesterday, I have tested these with my pilot to revise flight test procedure and plan.

Hello can you say how you connect xplane to 1.10.2firmware

Hi, nothing is special from other version. I have done it the same as describe in dev. manual

Thank you so much! can you tell me what kind of anti-vibration platform you use, with gasoline engines, I have in stabilization mode very strongly jerks surfaces even in rest mode, there is a recompensation and the movement of the surfaces swings the autopilot and the autopilot swings the surface more. May be you can show some photo