Auto calibration of px4 autopilot

Hello everyone thanks in advance i have been trying to solve the problem that is there a possibility that two cases described below can be solved

For the rover if it has been calibrated once can the px4 autopilot be configured such that
1-It calibrates on its own (all the sensor and the esc)
2-The previous calibration values can be loaded

Hi there!

  1. That’s currently not implemented, however,
  2. the previous calibration values should be stores and working (automatically).

What issue are you seeing? Is something not working as expected?

hey there Julian
The calibration is working properly but the problem i am attempting to solve is either 1 (which is not implemented)
2-In the second option i would require the autopilot to calibrate once after which i would require it to take it from the previous calibrated values (without the need of calibrating the rover again)

  1. should not be necessary.

What problem are you trying to solve with 1.?

I am facing a problem with Pixhawk Board running Ardurover stack, recently i upgraded my transmitter to Flysky Noble. When I hold the throttle at max, Motor 1 starts spinning motor 2 is idle But, when i return the throttle to Zero position the 2nd Motor goes into calibration mode (3 beeps) and 2nd motor starts to spin at (0 Throttle).
Your suggestions will be helpful.

For ardupilot help, is the best place to ask