ESC Calibration causing eratic behavior

Hello all,

I have been fighting with my Pixhawk PX4 v2 for about a month. It is unable to takeoff without spinning out of control. My current thoughts on the problem is that the ESCs are not calibrated properly. When I try to calibrate with QGroundcontrol the motors do not spin and the calibration says it succeeded. I believe I am seeing the same issue as this thread: QGroundControl : ESC Calibration?. I’m not completely certain the cause of the spinning is the ESC but I have tried everything else. Here is a link to the last flight attempt:

The motors are Hobbymate 2204 2300KV and the ESCs came bundled with them (PCS BLHeli 15A ESC)

Do I need to provide more information?

Hi ryanvade,
I had a similar problem with ESC calibration. When i implemented the QGC ESC Calibration, the motors were not spinning properly. Something was wrong with QGC ESC Calibration. Then, I calibrated the ESCs manually and everything just worked.

As it turns out, the two escs on the right side were bad. After replacing them we had stable-ish flight.