Cannot calibrate Pixhawk 4

Hey, I’m trying to calibrate sensors with my Pixhawk 4, running the upstream firmware(also tried stable) and rover. In QGC(daily build October 9th and stable) almost all of the settings are (Disabled while the vehicle is flying) so it won’t let me calibrate or set safety settings. I’m connected to laptop using usb and nothing else is connected to my Pixhawk 4. Any idea why this is happening?

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I tried to use PX4 Rover to begin to learn the PX4 code base and learn how to modify the control loops on a platform that can’t fall from the sky and crash. I could not make Rover work (unmodified) in simulation. Nobody ever responded on this discussion board to my cries for help. Even just asking “is anybody maintaining Rover?” Simple question that somebody should be able to answer. But no. My best guess is that Rover was an undergraduate science project in the first place, and has been abandoned.

We switched to ArduPilot, where Rover works flawlessly. So does QuadPlane. Much happier with the ArduPilot codebase.