QGroundControl Android App

Hii I just found QGroundControl Android App on playstore so I thought to give it a try but I cannot figure out how to connect my drone with my smartphone so that I can make my smartphone my ground station?
hardware used
generic 450 quadcopter with pixhawk 2.4.8 loaded with PX4
Xiaomi Redmi A3 android smartphone 4 GB RAM

you need to use an otg cable or an otg adapter to your existing cable

so with that otg adapter can I connect my 433 MHz telemetry setup too?

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On our tablet I can connect the 433 telemetry direct to the pad without an OTG cable. I use the OTG cable when connecting our remote control to the tablet.

Or you can use the XRock Telemetry to connect via Bluetooth. If you have FPV video, you can use the OTG for that.

Good luck.

The most PnP setup is to put a WiFi telemetry module on the drone or have an offboard computer with MavLink router.