QGroundControl on iPad

I’d like to use the iPad attached to my Tx when flying as its a lot easier than watching a PC sitting on a bench. What are people using to connect the 3DR radio to the iPad? It has no USB port only the lightning connector and an audio jack. What is available to plug the telemetry radio directly into the iPad?

Would this work: Apple® Lightning™ to USB Camera Adapter

Thanks. Joe

There have not been any responses to my question yet, so I am wondering if anyone has run across this? There is a utube video showing a Bluetooth solution using a BLE Mini by RedBearLab, but this product is no longer available. I would really like to use WiFi since I already have the 3DR module recommended by the Pixhawk website. I saw another article showing a different wiFi module than the one I have, so I’m not sure if this would require the same setup, and it requires some software setups as well.

Jump in if you have any info.


Hi Joseph,
I’m also trying to do the same thing with my IPad. Have you got any progress?

Ravi-Teja: No solution has ever come along. Too bad since it would be great to have the graphical presentation in front of you while flying.


You need to use an android tab. Apple requires a USB device to be approved, and it is pricey so no one has done it, so no you can not use an IPad.
You can put QGC on an Android and use an OTG cable it works great.

Works for me with HolyBro 915 transceiver connects with OTG adapter, but QGroundControl will not identify that it is connected. (My setup)