Allow Mission take off Fixwing Fix on Master

Is there anyway this fix be added to the latest firmware download version?

I don’t know how to make a build from the master/beta version that contains the fix. Can someone make a version with the above fix? I’m not seeing the code on 1.5.5 version.

Really appreciate it…


Wish someone can help before I try it using the master version and have a fatal crash…


There is a 1.5.5 but without this fix. It’s not possible to apply this single commit as it depends on changes that were done between stable and master before. You would have to use the beta branch. We have flown master intensely on multicopter (daily), but not on planes yet.

I can fly and test master on a fixed wing until the end of the week if that is not to late for you

That will work…please let me know. I’m flying on saturday.

Thanks Lorenz… and for the pre-release of this fix. I’ll try uploading it.

I’m curious, is this topic about using the [Takeoff] button in Qgc which puts the aircraft in “takeoff” mode? I’ve been putting the aircraft into “mission” mode when on the ground and I try to be careful to have the (T) waypoint active - this is dangerous because the user can screw it up. I’ve tried the [Takeoff] button and the aircraft just climbs into a loiter above home instead of going to the (T) waypoint.

It would be neat if someone could explain the fixed wing takeoff mode behavior as it currently stands in 1.5.5 vs what is the planned eventual behavior?


Interesting… wish I knew. I just installed the beta firmware version 1.6.0 that Lorenz just uploaded with the takeoff fix. I programmed Take off and Mission on my Tx and in both (also in QGC), it recognizes that there’s a “T” takeoff waypoint but I haven’t actually tested because I’m in town.

Not sure if it will actually go to the “T” waypoint yet, but it should as it’s the 1st WP of the mission.

When I either select takeoff or mission, armed of course, the motor revves up a bit and if you shake it as if you were attemtping to hand launch it goes to full throttle.

Perhaps LorenzMeier could explain in detail. We might have to test it out in 1.6.0 but seems that you already have but in 1.5.5. Keep in mind the takeoff for fixwing fix wasn’t applied in 1.5.5.

If you want to fly a mission, including takeoff, you need to upload a mission with a takeoff waypoint as the first waypoint. The takeoff waypoint has to be placed away from you as if it is the first mission waypoint, NOT at the current vehicle position. Then switch to Mission mode. The Takeoff and Land modes are separate modes which do exactly what they say they’d do, but nothing more (so you want to use Mission).

I agree totally… Antiheavy was having an issue of it just loitering instead of going to the T WP. The takeoff fix for fixwing I don’t believe was in 1.5.5. This is an issue I was having that the aircraft (fixwing) wasn’t actually going into takeoff mode in previous versions, but a fix had been added to the master which is in beta 1.6.0 now.

@AndreasAntener @chief Thank you for your replies. I’m still a little confused. What is the “takeoff fix” and how will it behave differently from 1.5.5? We’ve been doing fixed wing hand-launch auto takeoffs in 1.5.1 and now 1.5.5 by switching into mission mode on the ground and setting the active waypoint to a “takeoff” waypoint in Qgroundcontrol. I’m glad that this seems to be the recommended approach, but I’m curious what the “fix” is all about then?

I guess there was an issue for a fixwing not having the takeoff command when having a mission…or something similar.

@chief I tested master today on a fixed wing but had to abort due to throttle issues in position control mode. I will have to look into what happened but just as you know

Thanks for the update… I wonder if 1.6.0 beta that Lorenz uploaded might help any. Do you think it’s only that flight mode? Are you using a air speed sensor. I’m gonna try 1.6.0 this weekend and see. I wonder if in a mission it will have full autonomous control.

Should the wing be armed before you switch to Mission mode or after? Will the motor start after you throw it or can it be started by shacking it as shown here?

Never mind. I just tested it and the motor actually starts without the need to shake the vehicle.