Airframe Selection Not Working

I’m setting up my Pixhawk mini for the first time. The firmware upgrade went well, but now I can’t select the airframe. The Airframe selection screen appears to be frozen. Can’t scroll up and down and the pull down menus are dead, no action. I deinstalled and reinstalled QGS but the same thing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Need a solution. What’s next?

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Which platform and version of QGC? Can you try the daily build?

I think the problem is resolved. Not sure exactly what I did, but tried rebooting several times, and then it worked.

However when I did the bind operation everything worked fine and I was able to calibrate the sticks. I shut it down and when powered up again the sticks were not working??? Did I forget to save the settings? I’m not getting very consistent results yet.

You’d need to share a lot more detail about your support to debug.