Airframe model: what parameters are included?


Is there a file or place that describes (lists) all the parameters specific to selected airframe?
I can see in QGC->Parameters that default PID coefficients are different for different frames. I assume each frame has a mixer file assigned. What else?



I think you looking for this:

In this example for the vtol caipirinha there is several defaults parameters:
param set MC_ROLL_P 6.0
param set MC_ROLLRATE_P 0.12
param set MC_ROLLRATE_I 0.002
param set MC_ROLLRATE_D 0.003
param set MC_ROLLRATE_FF 0.0 …

Parameters for others frames are here:

Mixers files have differents information, you can find them here:

I also found these files some time after posting the question, but still was not 100% sure if these are all the parameters specific to a frame or there might be more somewhere else.
I am still trying to find optimal PID coefficients, but my quad flies OK with default ones for TBS Discovery frame.
Altitude hold does not work very well and I need to look into related parameters. I should probably post a separate question about that. There is a “Hover Throttle %” setting and I’ve seen a reference to a couple of relatively new PX4 parameters for altitude hold, but there is not much info about them.